Community Activities at Princess Alexandra School

January to March 2016

  1. Boys Drumming: 8 weeks  Thursdays 6 – 8pm
  2. Adult Basic Sewing: 8 weeks  6 – 8pm
  3. Family Zumba:  8 weeks Tuesday 6 – 7pm
  4. Fiddle Lessons:  10 and up, 8 weeks  Tuesday 7 – 8pm
  5. Kids Can Craft:  for under 15 yrs, 8 weeks  Monday 4 – 5pm
  6. Me Ta We Tan Open Gym: all ages and families welcome,  8 weeks   6:30 – 8:30pm

WOW, the interest from the community has been GREAT!!

Program registration will stay open for all of the programs throughout January to March. 

Contact Princess Alexandra School (210 Avenue H South) for the info on how you can still register:

Phone: 306-683-7410
Fax: 306-657-3932

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